Portland Metro Commercial Management

Let Us Manage Your Portland area Commercial Property

The Clarity Property Group provides our Property Management Services to our clients who own commercial property. We will work with you to customize the following services to fit your goals for your investment property:


  • Initial complimentary CPA consultation
  • Collect all rents, other charges, and miscellaneous income
  • Budget planning
  • Manage utilities (including implementation of energy conservation techniques)
  • Obtain, verify and pay real estate and personal property tax, improvement assessments, amounts due under service contracts and other like charges as directed by Owner at Owner’s expense
  • At Owner’s request make distributions from the Operating Account in accordance with the written request of the Owner
  • Provide monthly financial reports for collections, billings (made during the month with sources of income identified), and detailed Owner ledger (current rent roll, bank statement, and bank reconciliation report).
  • Prepare the required 1099’s for year-end accounting


  • Emergency call center; 24/7 service
  • Coordinate and manage all vendors related to maintenance, repair, janitorial, landscape and other common area needs
  • Establish and implement housekeeping programs to upgrade the appearance of common areas for both the interior and exterior of the property
  • Establish and implement (or maintain) an existing preventative maintenance schedule for all equipment and building systems that are the Owner’s responsibility to maintain
  • Analyze periodically all service contracts to determine if alternative contractors would be more cost effective

Tenant Compliance

  • Use diligent efforts to enforce leases in accordance with their terms and notify Owner when it becomes aware of any defaults
  • Enforce building rules and regulations

Tenant Retention

  • Process tenant complaints and initiate corrective actions
  • Communicate with tenants and value their input on how to improve the property to provide benefit for their business
  • Provide Tenant Improvement supervision

If you need Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services such as: Sales, Leasing, Tenant Representation or a Business Broker we have teamed up with MORE Commercial Properties to help you with their team of Professionals.

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